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1 Samuel 2:35

35  Then I will raise up for Myself a faithful priest who shall do according to what is in My heart and in My mind. I will build him a sure house, and he shall walk before My anointed forever.

Today’s Inspiration: We have a lot of promises in the Bible and received many promises from various prophets. We do not need anymore. Only a word of the Lord that comes directly from the mouth of God is enough to determine our calling. If you can’t hear, it’s because you lack abiding relationship with God and lost your biblical priority of reading, studying and meditating on His word. 1 Samuel 2:35 God spoke to Samuel that He will raise up faithful priests for Himself who shall do according to His heart and in His mind. He will build him a sure house and He shall walk before His anointed forever. In this scripture, He is also speaking to us as we are a royal priesthood of believers and we are to act according to what He directs and walk in the spirit before He can establish us in His house and when we declares a thing it will be established for us so that light will shine our ways. Job 22:28. Abiding relationship is therefore a biblical priority for 2020 in the Body of Christ.

We are given only a year of Grace to prepare ourselves as we draw near to the time of tribulation. I have made clear last year the importance of bearing fruit through abiding relationship with God. We are appointed to go and bear fruit, fruit that will last. John 15:16 so that whatever you ask in Jesus name, He will do it.

Last year I have been seeing vision of leaves in a tree without fruits. The Body of Christ is more towards bearing leaves more than fruits. Some branches don’t even have leaves. Leaves are works and there are too many in a branch or a tree. What God needs is a transformed life that produces more fruits. This vision had brought forth many prophetic words in 2020 challenging is to bear fruit. By transforming lives, we demonstrate character and values of God. This year is the voice of purity, family values and character which is what we are focusing on in TCC. Reproduction of disciples not only converts is the Great commission everyone in the Body of Christ as faithful priest should accomplish. Matthew 28:19.

God is cutting off godlessness, wickedness, those who profess to be Christians when they are not, those who keep repeating repentance and expecting forgiveness again and again will be cut off and be burnt in the fire. John 15:6. It’s only when you bear more fruits that God’s name be glorified and you are considered His disciples. John 15:8.

I pray you will treat this word seriously and take heart to be fruitful and reproduce disciples this year. Fruitfulness comes forth with transformation of character, your identity in Christ, purity, and obedience to act on what He directs.

We should now acquaint ourselves with the Lord Almighty and be at peace with Him so that good will come our way. Job 22:21. In all his testing, Job trusted God to walk with Him till He was totally transformed and emerged as gold in both character and family values. Job 23:10. God considered Job upright as He boasted about Job’s uprightness but Satan was very subtle knowing the frailty of human nature and craftily worked on his weakness of fear and compromising discipline of children, and lack of knowledge of who God truly is. In this time of season, a closer walk with Jesus and resting in Him in intimacy should be our goal in 2020 in preparation of greater exploits ahead of us as the world gets gloomier and darker and apostasy is rampant. God will perform for you what He has appointed for you. Job 23:14. God be praised.

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