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Psalm 8:5

5 For You have made him a little lower than the angels, and You have crowned him with glory and honor.

Today’s Inspiration: The creation of man is the delight of God. He created them for daily Communion and fellowship that He might instruct them how to live in this world. Hence at the cool of the day He visited man and woman to commune with them. Genesis 3:8. He created them to be a little lower than angelic beings and crowned them with glory and honour. Psalm 8:5. Yet He made them ruler over everything He had created. V6-8. How majestic is the Name of the Lord our God. V9.

Let’s declare His praises daily. Nothing we do can be more important than spending time with Jesus listening to His directive.

The Old testament points forward to Jesus and His salvation as recorded in the Book of prophets. The New testament reveals the fulfilment of God promises and explains how His saved people should live.

The transfiguration in Matthew 17:1-13 shows five people who sum up the scriptures. Moses the great Lawgiver, Elijah the great prophet symbolizing the Law and the prophets of the Old testament. On the other side are the the apostles who symbolise the New testament. They are focused on Jesus and listening to Him. How awesome is our King of kings who is not only the source of light but He is the Light of the world. The light that was shining on Him at the mount of transfiguration was more glorious than when he was resurrected and ascended. God is a God of divine order..

Perhaps it’s time to ponder over the various prominent themes in the Bible that necessitate study. God gave the Law to Moses on Mount Sinai in Exodus 19:1-3. Jesus gave the new interpretation of the Law on a mountain in Matthew 5:1, and the Great Commission on a mountain in Matthew 28:16-20.

Indeed the Bible is inerrant and the final authority. All His promises incorporated therein are for you, yes and amen.

Trust Him with your whole heart and don’t reason with human understanding. Proverbs 3:5-6. He will make your paths straight and will do it. He who called you in faithful. 1 Thessalonians 5:24.

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