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Psalm 147:11

11  The Lord takes pleasure in those who fear Him, in those who hope in His mercy.

Today’s Inspiration: The Lord takes pleasure only in those who fear Him and in those who hope in His Mercy. Psalm 147:11. The word for this season of May is the word Focus. Focus in God is one of the practice of godliness and many of us cannot focus like Mary did. The measure you can stay focus on the Lord our God and Savior will be the measure God weighs our character and conduct.

So often we try to develop Christian character and conduct without taking time to focus on our development of devotion with Christ. We try to please God with our actions without developing Communion with Him and walking with Him. How are you walking with God now? Are you walking with Him so well that you can easily walk with your family filled with joy and celebration honoring God, talking about Him all day long.

Yesterday in my Sunday message on lifestream I stressed on devotion with Christ. Love comes out of devotion with Christ. Unless we are able to express ourselves in praise and worship to God, we will find difficulties in focusing on our devotion to God. Devotion to God signifies a life totally surrendered and devoted to God. Every moment you are with someone, you speak about Him and allow Him to guide you at work and your interaction with colleagues. Nothing in your life excludes Him.

God becomes the centre of your thoughts. When you wake up in the morning, you want to think of Him first and what He wants your day to be rather than how you are going to handle the difficult people at work. Everything you do, your job or ministry is done for the glory of His name. You do everything in His name and glorify Him in your work.

Avoid being legalistic or oppressive. Unless you have a solid foundation of your devotion to Christ where He comes first and not your personal desires or selfish ambitions, you will not be able to get out of unnecessary oppression from the enemy. Never lose sight of devotion to God as it is the main spring of Christian character and the only foundation upon which build your success in life.

Remember your success depends on whom you portray and who you think you are. This is also a question Jesus ask His disciple. It is necessary now and then to ask your disciples this question. Your success cannot go beyond who you think you are. What is most pleasing to God is the level of your devotion to God. What is your scale today from 0-10 when you weigh your devotion to God. How hungry are you today for Christ? Is it only because it will lead to your success or is it because you want to get to know more of Him and His heart so you know how to please Him?

Enoch walked with God and he pleases Him. His walk with God speaks of his total devotion to Him or his relationship with Him where every minute he wants to speak to Him and for even the smallest thing he will ask God to guide him. Pleasing God speaks of the level of his behavior that arose from a relationship with Him. Let us therefore focus on our devotion to Him during this season of confinement at home. You will be surprised at the scope of work you can complete is faster with your total reliance in God than with your own human efforts. Psalm 147:10.

Your relationship with colleagues will also be improved. Until this relationship is developed, you cannot cultivate a life that pleases God.

Your devotion to God must therefore start with the fear a reverential fear of the Lord. Revelation 15:4. Who will not fear Him and give Him the honor when one day every knee has to bow when His righteous acts are revealed.

So let’s praise God today and be fully devoted to Him in prayer, praises and and meditation of His word. Praises brings forth victory. God be praised.

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