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Psalm 118:5   

5  I called on the LORD in distress; the LORD answered me and set me in a broad place.

Today’s Inspiration: Surrender to the will of God is important. It was a fierce spiritual battle in the past week as request for urgent prayers exceeds the norm. But thank God last night was packed with testimonies. There is power in prayer. The answered prayers goes beyond what we prayed for. God is a prayer answering God. Psalm 118:5. 

When the Lord is on our side we have nothing to fear. Verse 6. Indeed the Lord is our strength and song. We have nothing to fear. When we trust Him totally He comes to our rescue in the nick of time. The right hand of the Lord always does valiantly. Verses 13-14, 16. Jehovah Nissi is indeed our banner of victory.

Instead of your shame He will grant you double honour and instead of confusion, He brings clarity to you that you may stay calm. How important it is to heed the voice of God!

When you stay calm, you know God is behind the scene working out things for you. Before you know it, the battle is won. He always opens our ears to give instructions though many a time we don’t believe because we base on human reasoning. Until you trust Him fully with your whole heart, satan will have the upper hand.

He promised everlasting joy, double honour and abundant riches. In His glory you shall boast. Trust Him! God be praised! Isaiah 61:6-7. Have a blessed victorious weekend!

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