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Psalm 33:13 

13  The Lord looks from heaven; He sees all the sons of men.

Today’s Inspiration: Throughout scriptures, the Lord watches over the welfare of men to protect and provide for them. Psalm 33:13. His one desire is to see significant changes in men and their lives and to take on His likeness. Fulfilling your dreams is His prerogative as long as it is according to His will.

Life transformation involved total surrender of self-centeredness to the Lord and going beyond the way you love, co-creating a better life for yourself and changing the way you live. It’s about changing your thoughts from carnality to that of spiritual nature, visualising faith and fulfillment.

We need to see each other with His eyes, hear with His ears and understand with His heart. This is an indication that we are walking in the spirit. We can do so if we keep abiding in His presence like Isaiah and Moses who were filled with His glory when they encounter God. May you continue to abide in His presence so that your whole area is filled with His glory and you can see the reality of God plan, His purpose in your life as a new created being and not of old. When we keep our eyes on Jesus, we need not battle. Hebrews 12:2. Without Jesus we accomplish nothing and there is no good thing in us and no true hope in the world. John 15:4.

When we look at circumstances, you see everything evil. It is only in Christ that we no longer have to live on sinful nature for in Him we have life and the spirit. John 19:30 when he uttered it is finished, he meant from then onwards, God continues His work in us and through us.

There is a difference between serving Him to gain acceptance and serving Him because you love Him and worship Him. We labor because we love Him and long to see Him to receive the reward of sacrifices. This is why we have to fight a good fight and finish the race.

So let us have our perspective right in serving Him so that all be well with us. God be praised!

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