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Isaiah 6:5

So I said: “Woe is me, for I am undone! Because I am a man of unclean lips, and I dwell in the midst of a people of unclean lips; for my eyes have seen the King, the Lord of hosts.

Today’s Inspiration: I woke up with a dream of God’s people, whose hearts are blocked by mental strongholds to hinder His penetration into their hearts to cleanse. Their cleansing is now only surfacial and therefore God’s people fail to hear what God is telling them to do to fulfill their calling, which was transmitted to them before they are born. Many are lost along the way. As I opened the scriptures this morning, God brought me to Isaiah 6:5 where Isaiah in his encounter with God’s open heavens suddenly realised that his hearts were not opened enough for God to penetrate to purge, cleanse, restore and reform. Soon after the encounter, he was willing to abide to God’s plan.

Before we can be mightily used by God, before we reach 2021 the year of readiness to prepare for things that must take place before His second coming, cleansing and purification must take place. We have to pray for such encounters so God can penetrate in for conviction of total change to His likeness.

The Lord revealed to me many strongholds are leeched by Satan to God’s people because of carnality and many cannot be shaken free. They are especially strongholds of unbelief, self condemnation, fear and phobias, pride, carnality and self ambition, these have to be dealt with in 2020. To deal with these, we need to be in corporate unity to attract corporate anointing. Hence we are preparing a series of teaching this year to attract corporate anointing of the Holy Spirit to help us shake free in preparation of His coming. We have to live in the spirit of Gal. 2:20. We must die like a dead man who do not bother what the flesh said but what the Spirit said. It’s the spirit who gives us life, the flesh profits nothing. John 6:63. When we die in the flesh, the spirit still lives. This is how we should live in 2020 the opening of a new decade.

What is God speaking to us today? We have to plunge into the river of Revelation which is formidable to unclean hearts and impure motives. Before you can plunge in to enter into another era of Reformation, and enjoy the freshness of 2020, it’s essential to open the hearts for God to penetrate in to take out every fleshy nature of pride, self ruling, self ambition, self righteousness, self plan, self motives, self condemnation, anger and bitterness, unforgiving of self etc. How filthy can men be? Jeremiah 17:9. We always think we are righteous till we have encounter with the Lord that makes us feel so unclean like prophet Isaiah. Fear of the uncertain future is gripping the whole world and panicking is the word among Nations without solution.

We can only feel secure if our destinies are woven into the fabric of heaven and personal restoration. Just be encouraged by Ephesians 2:10 God has a wonderful destiny for us which He planned before the world began and He has breathed into our nostrils the glorious works we would do to fulfill it. Would you take a step of faith to follow Him in fullest obedience? He wants you to grow into full stature and receive the fullness of the spirit.

The key is to hallow His name and let Him be your fear and your dread. Let Him be your sanctuary. Isaiah 8:13. God is drawing you to look upwards towards Him. Only God can unveil the mysteries of your life. You are meant to be a testimony and for signs and wonders. Isaiah 1:18. God be praised!

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