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Psalm 115:3

But our God is in heaven; He does whatever He pleases.

Today’s Inspiration: But our God is in heaven and He does whatever He pleases. Psalm 115:3. The Lord has been mindful of us. He will bless us especially if we fear Him. He will increase us more and more. Psalm 115:13-14. Truly God never forsake His people even though the world is in darkness for He is the light of your salvation and it is He we should fear for He is the one who provides for us supernaturally and sustains us amazingly. So trust Him with all your heart.

Seven years ago I was inspired by the Lord to train the people on the medical perspective of Divine health. Seven years later it has appeared useful after pandemic hit and I am thankful to those who have attended our health talks and they now have been handy. Last year God specifically warned about Divine health being hit by Nations. It’s time to get back to this teaching and with the grace of God I intended to put this teaching back online. God always prepare is ahead of time.

Today God is confining us to spending time with families at home in majority of the Nations to get us back to our ancient culture’s priority of building our family to wholeness. Families have always been in the heart of God. In the beginning of creation He created a family first. His ruling on family priority is very clear. Genesis 2:24.

Our first obligation is to raise our own family in the ways of the Lord in Proverbs 22:6.

The ten commandments were written with the finger of God – first four in our relationship with and submission to God. All other things in our hearts are considered idols. The remaining six commandments are for our moral responsibility. Our accountability to our parents is to honor them which is the fifth commandment and not to parent them.

Jesus added two greatest commandments of loving God first then loving one another. Matthew 22:37-40. All commandments and the words of prophecy in the Bible must be anchored on these two greatest commandments.

It’s time for us as a Body of Christ to take this opportunity to build our life with God and with our family during this confinement period so that we will emerge strong in the spirit serving God and the community. May the mysteries of God be revealed to you at this time of praying and fasting in the closet and let God revealed to us.

We need to pray that in this period of time Nations especially Nations’ leaders and families pray according to 2 Chronicles 7:14-15 and plead to God in unity to have mercy and Grace upon the people and heal our land and that of the Nations so that He will answer our prayers.

There is a Divine order now to acquaint ourselves with Him and be at peace with Him so that good will come to us. Job 22:21. Do not be alarmed by what we see but get into the spirit and see what God is doing.

Let us reflect our life at this time to check ourselves if God has been the master of our life and what is our attitude towards God at this time. Do we know God’s heart and have we appreciated the life He had given us and especially His sacrificial love on the cross or have we taken Him for granted? When there is opportunity to fellowship with Him and His family, was that our biblical priority or we choose to turn to something else that pleases our our ego etc, which is idolatrous in God’s standard. Let us reflect this morning in our meditation and allow Him to speak to us. May God switch us back to the situation a decade ago where we can restart our life with Him once again to make good what we have failed to comply in the last decade. It’s the most humbling time for everyone in the nation and let us educate our children likewise to do the same. No unclean person nor covetous man who is considered an idolator has any inheritance in the kingdom. Ephesians 5:5. It’s time to walk in love and comprehend the extent of the love of God over us that surpasses all knowledge that we may be filled with the fullness of God. Ephesians1 3:18-19. He is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we can ever ask or think only according to the power that work in us to Him be glory in the church of Jesus Christ to all generations forever and ever amen. Ephesians 3:20.

Let’s reflect on His love this morning and appreciate what He had done for us at cavalry. God be praised.

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