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Psalm  89:33                                       

33  Nevertheless My lovingkindness I will not utterly take from him, nor allow My faithfulness to fail.

Today’s Inspiration: On the subject of health, we need to be aware that anger, bitterness and rebellion are three strategic weapons of Satan against our health. The others are fear, guilt and self- blame that led to self- destructive talks that cause destruction to our body. It is good to watch out for these factors influencing our body and control them before they control you to bring disaster to your body.

Whatever your tests maybe, God’s love for you is endless and never fails. His love and faithfulness endures forever. Psalm 89:33. He will maintain His love forever and His covenant with you will never fail. Verse 28. Wickedness will not thrive. He will strike down your adversaries. He will sustain you and His arm will strengthen you. Verses 23, 21.

There are many regrets in life when we are struck with a test that God only can deliver you in His time. Do not dwell on the strategies of the enemy but instead fill your heart with greater joy than when finances abound.

Joy and peace and above all love will bring you through this difficult time to victorious triumph and bring glory to God’s name. May the light of His face shine on you this Chinese New year Psalm 4:6-8. Set yourself apart to be holy to hasten answers to your prayers. Be prayerful, exercise, eat healthily and conquer negative emotions this season to maintain good health. Stress must be handled well before it triggers blockage that might lead to deadly diseases.

Rebuke self-destructive talks that destroy the body’s immune systems crippling them to fight against bacteria, virus and infections. Stay healthy this season.

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