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Psalm 22:27-28

27 All the ends of the world shall remember and turn to the Lord, and all the families of the nations shall worship before You.

28 For the kingdom is the Lord’s, and He rules over the nations.

Today’s Inspiration: Jesus King of kings and Lord of lords rules all over the nations. Dominion belongs to Him and all the families of the nations will bow down before Him, even all the ends of the earth will remember and turn to the Lord. Psalm 22:27-28.

From the beginning of the foundation of the world, He created us and formed us in the mother’s womb to be fruitful and multiply, to have dominion and authority over every living thing in the sea, the air and in the ground. Man did not lack. He provided every seed bearing plant and every tree that had fruit with seed in it as food. Every green plant is provided for food. Genesis 1:28.

It is time to reflect whether we have been fruitful and multiplying and complying with what God has commanded us to do.

Relationships designed by God are built to last. Relationships fail because they were not formed in the spirit and hence both parties are not interdependent with each other. Union are meant not to be broken. If one party had no union with God the relationship will not last. We must first recognise each other in the spirit if God wants us to have that union. But first we not only have to have communion with God but also union with Him. There must be endless communion with God each day for an union to be formed. People choose partners for companion and for reliance on each other rather than for interdependence. The truth is that we must first develop the abiding relationship with God John 15:4. and allow God to connect us to people who can recognise that God has designed for us to connect to each other in the spirit because w are controlled by the spirit not by the flesh which is sinful nature. Romans 8:9.

We are a spirit and our union must be in the spirit. The world call this chemistry. If you are connected in the spirit, and be in union with each other, this relationship will be secure. We don’t draw love and attention from each other but we interdependent with each other. God put us together to complement each other and be a helper to each other for a common purpose. Genesis 2:18.

We must choose people with character of the fruit of the spirit, not one who want their own ways but both come to an agreement on God’s ways for His ways and plans are higher than ours. Isaiah 55:8. If the relationship is ordained by God, it cannot be broken.

The same principle applies to business relationships. Have you ever experienced an open door to find it is closed all of a sudden? It is because you are not ready for the contractual relationship. God did it to protect you. If you insist on going through with it by compromising, you will suffer more losses to your hurt. How many multi-million dollar businesses were closed overnight just by one wrong contract, wrong choices or wrong business partner? Do not look at things on the surface.

Relationship is a deep commitment to each other. It’s a covenantal relationship that involves mutual sacrifices. It is never a one-way street. An ideal relationship is the covenantal relationship between David and Jonathan where they are willing to sacrifice themselves for the promotion of the other. Such relationship involves submission to oneness with God and with each other. Exalting others more than self is the key to Good relationship. We stay within the boundaries of relationship and sphere of influence alloted to us. God has given us space to steward. Let’s keep within that space. Don’t go out of boundary lines. Eve was ensnared because she went beyond the garden she is supposed to steward. She listened to satan more than God’s command. Genesis 3:4-7. When words spoken to us are contrary to God’s word, we must inquire of Him about how to do in the prescribed way. 1 Chronicles 15:13. We need to inquire from God for anything we need to do. The Ark must be carried by the priests and not transported on the cart. God’s ark must be treated with reverence and in divine order. Its all about our attitude. There is no short cut to success. V14-15. God be praised!

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