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Matthew 24:13

13  But he who endures to the end shall be saved.

Today’s Inspiration: As I went deep in prayer, seeking God for mercy for Australia and protection for Singapore, God showed me that it’s no surprise that the changing of His ordinance that broke His everlasting covenant had brought about a curse that triggers devouring of the Earth. It’s time that God’s people reverence the Lord. Isaiah 24:5-6. Sometimes we wonder why our joy is cut short and God’s plans take over our plans. V11-12.

Jesus gave the warning in Matthew 24:4-8 as signs of the beginning of sorrow. V9 He warns about martyrdom. We need to strengthen our faith at this time to withstand the troubles that are yet to come and endures to the end to be saved. Matthew 24:13. V21 spoke of a great tribulation such as not been seen since the beginning of this world nor shall it ever be. Hence we need to grow deeper in Christ to sustain.

On 31 December I mentioned that UK can be revived only if the women of that nation avail themselves to originally intercede. UK has always been ruled by women. Two years ago I mentioned women of 50s will arise. Women are no longer to be complacent. Women have always been vessels of great influence to shift society, culture and living miraculous change, prominent ones being Esther, Ruth and Deborah and Mary, the woman used to birth Jesus. The woman of Samaria in John 4 changed the image of her village after the encounter with Jesus the Messiah. Nothing has changed and are still true today though men have tried to stop them from arising these past decades but to no avail. If it’s His plans no one can thwart as Job says in Job 42:2.

Bearing fruit and maintaining them that last is important. John 15:16. It’s not merely to make disciples but to ensure that they bear fruit to the end is vital key.

New mantles, calling and kingdom assignment are being released to men and women this year. Fathers and mothers need to arise and bring great influence across the Nations as never before. Only those dwelling in His presence daily will be treasured.

The parable of the ten virgins is a warning to us that Christ should reign in our hearts and not our flesh. Only consecrated holy vessels with Christ living in them are allowed to enter the Kingdom. Psalm 23 is such a reality in this endtime that even though we walk through the valley of darkness we will not fear as Christ’s light will shine our way. Is our lamp consistently filled with oil so that Christ consistently shine our way instead of we ourselves. Matthew 25:1-13.

2020 is a year of refinement to conquer. It’s a year of victory but it requires discipline. Let us keep the fuel of the spirit burning in our hearts so that we will be a vessel that brings light to people’s lives. God be praised!

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