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Psalm  128:1-2

1 Blessed is every one who fears the Lord, who walks in His ways.

2 When you eat the labor of your hands, you shall be happy, and it shall be well with you.

Today’s Inspiration: Blessings and prosperity are yours and you will eat the fruit of your labour when there is fear of the Lord in you. Psalm 128:1-2. Fruitfulness will flow to your family members and long life will be your portion. V3-6. Declare it over your home today. All we need is to fear the Lord and this will be ours.

There is always a time for everything. Fruitfulness still flow in the House of God. The season of waiting has come to an end and its a season of tables being turned to our favour. The squabbles and troubles and trials you are facing have ended and the Lord had cut you free from the cords of the wicked. Psalm 129:4. Tables are now going to turn to your favour and seer anointing is going to increase. The suddenlies that come to you will be positive. May you receive this word for this season and bring it to fulfilment for your life. What seemed an impossible task, God will give you empowerment to complete the task.

God is Good and He can do everything He desires whenever He wishes and whomever He wants. He will lead you to do His will and determine what is best for Him at all times even when circumstances seem a poor choice. We definitely do not like to be Jacob journeying to Laban house that would bring 20 years of dealings, disappointments, heart breaking problems. Yet Jacob’s separation from the comforts of his home was a necessary task because God has a destiny for him and God was working behind the scene for his good though he did not realise it. Though Jacob seemed not to be an ideal person chosen to be a Gate church leader, if you pop in to the Potter’s house you will see that God was behind the scene refining him to be one that will be a vessel of honour to bring him to heights beyond what he could fathom. Jeremiah 18:1-5. If you are chosen to be a leader then read Verses 28:10-22 that models a Gate church leader. Finally, the wealth he acquired far exceeds the inheritance he was seeking for. Genesis 49:26.

To understand God’s sovereignty is to know what God is dealing in your life. Stay blessed today. He is turning you around to have an enriching experience that you have not encountered before. May the Lord be with you throughout this season of turning around to be vessel of honour.

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