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Isaiah 57:18

18  “I have seen his ways, and will heal him; I will also lead him,and restore comforts to him
and to his mourners.

Today’s Inspiration: Jesus came to show us the reality of life and how we should live. God saves us by His grace and for His kingdom purpose. Irrespective of the degree of wrong we do, He will heal us. He will guide and comfort us and grant peace to us. Isaiah 57:18.

The Bible was written to transform us to His likeness. Every facet of life is mentioned in the Bible. It taught us virtues and to grow out of comfort zone. This is why Isaiah says the Sovereign Lord has given us an instructed tongue to know the word and to sustain the weary. He opened our ears to listen as a student of the Word. He opened our ears so that by listening we learn to push away our rebellious ways. Isaiah 50:4-5.

Sometimes you wonder why your prayers are not heard. David in Psalm 94;9 asked a question. Does he who planted the ear not hear? Does he who formed the eye not seen? The Lord knows man’s efforts are futile. We need God to heal. Even the most unique sickness could be healed. He is a God of miracles Mark 9:23 and heals in His time where He makes all things beautiful. Has He promised and not do it? Let your eyes see the defeat of your adversaries. Let your ears hear the rout of your wicked foes. Psalm 92:11. You will still bear fruit in old age. You will stay fresh and green for kingdom purpose of glorifying His name. V14. The Lord will not reject His people. He will never forsake you His inheritance.

Fear always brings us to a position where we dread to be. Fear paralysed our future. Fear hinders our advancement. Fear is the root of all negative emotions. Fear triggers us to do things we do not wish to do. Fear condemns us and as we live in fear throughout our life, faith cannot enter. Since God has given us powerful spiritual weapons that can pull down our stronghold of fear, why then should we fear? Even Mary put aside fear and shame to abide by His bidding and glorifies him and declare that Jesus is her Saviour and not boast about being a vessel used by God to bring him to the world. Luke 1:46. It’s through humility and gentleness that God takes notice of us and exalt us. V48. God oppressed the proud and exalts the humble. James 4:6.

Ther Bible is central to our life and experience. It is used to transform us, hence we need to encounter the Almighty God of the Bible in our study of the Bible and to experience a deeper intimacy with God. Studying the word without reflection and application is merely receiving information only. We need to ask questions of God from the Word and respond to them thoughtfully. Perhaps you like to start with reading the Word today in Luke 18:9-14 reflectively. God be praised!

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