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Joshua 1:3-5                                     

3  Every place that the sole of your foot will tread upon I have given you, as I said to Moses.

5 No man shall be able to stand before you all the days of your life; as I was with Moses, so I will be with you. I will not leave you nor forsake you.

Today’s Inspiration: Joshua’s success was based on two encouraging verses from the Lord- every place He tread belongs to him and secondly no one can stand before Him all the days of his life. Joshua 1:3 and 5. Like Moses and also Jesus said this to all of us that He will be with us to the end of the age. Matthew 28:20. More importantly recognising God’s presence and His presence with us at the workplace and every area of our life are keys of Joshua’s success which were left to us as legacy of success. 1 Corinthians 10:6.

In short, Joshua’s success is guided by faith, obedience and courage.

However life is not a bed of roses. There are times in our life where we will be tempted by self-reliance because of continuous success in our life and this is disastrous. Sometimes we can’t handle success and it is in these times that the enemy storms us with defiance and defeat in our mind leading us to discouragement, which is the greatest tool of Satan. This is where Satan defies us that our God is not real and will not deliver us.

Satan always want to defile our spirit with lust of the flesh- sin of doubt, fear of failure, sin of insecurity, sin of shame and hopelessness. These pet sins are difficult to overcome because of the insignificant cities left unconquered by Joshua because of the past fear of the report of the spies that these territories are unconquerable. There are giants living there. What was sown in our teenage years as fears harvest into giants of defiance, defeat that caused defilement in our spirit. 2 Corinthians 7:1 we are to overcome them.

Joshua did not conquer the Anakites of Gaza, Gath and Ashdod. Joshua 11:22. Gaza is a place of defeat, Gath a place of defiance and Ashdod a place of defilement that caused intense fear, and doubt, causing satan to put us into a place of defeat. He always defiles us that our God is not mighty n strong. Had Joshua conquered these territories, Israel would not have suffered till today.

So let us overcome these giants with David’s teenage faith, might and strategies to fight against our Goliath. This can be done only with the circumcision of heart and recognising God’s presence and allowing Him to lead us His army to battle against the forces of darkness that hinder our thought of success. Our attitude determines our altitude. Will we be victim of defeat or student of destiny? Your choices will lead to your destination- success or failure. Matthew 11:28 you will have what you desire.

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