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2 Corinthians 2:11                

11 …lest Satan should take advantage of us; for we are not ignorant of his devices.

Today’s Inspiration: Satan’s greatest psychological weapon is to impose low esteem in us causing is to be inferior, inadequate and having low self-worth. Low sell-esteem paralysed our potential, destroys our dreams, ruins our relationships and sabotaged our Christian service. These are primarily the satanic devices mentioned in 2 Corinthians 2:11 Apostle Paul’s warning is about.

Problems that seem to be surfacial usually have deeper roots. Be their physical sickness and diseases or financial lack, or obstacles in life, they actually have deeper roots. For instance, a person was repaired a personal injury. But his condition gets worse to find that the deeper roots are that she suffered much abuse in her early life resulting in self condemnation and a very damaged self image. Three hours were spent exploring the attitudes and roots that hinder the healing. She was able to forgive those who hurt her and surrender those events to the Lord instead of incubating them, as we go through each event and to come to have an understanding of her position in Christ. Not only her attitudes changed but her physical condition changed even without prayer. Once the emotional damage was healed, her body was strengthened and God repaired the residue of the physical damage.

The low esteem has warped our relationship with self, with God and with others. These need to be addressed and healed before our personal problems can go away. Healing is not by our own efforts or by anointed ministry but by the presence of God who touched and healed them. Zechariah 4:6. Though our power comes from the indwelling presence of the Holy spirit, our spiritual authority flows from our intimacy with Jesus. We need revelation of the Holy spirit on our deeper roots and as we spend time regularly with the Lord day by day, the Holy spirit will remind us of events that needed addressing. Its the events of the abuse that need to be surrendered to Jesus and walking out of the abuse with God’s word of comfort and assurance of our calling like Peter the hurting disciple in John 21.

Our lifestyle should be one of absolute dependence on our Heavenly Father. By ourselves we can do nothing. We do not live to please ourselves but to do the will of the Father like Jesus. John 5:30. Spending time with the Lord in intimacy is priority. Jesus spends a lot of time alone with the Father and so must we. Matthew 14:13. Whether we are ministering to others or others ministering to us, maintaining intimacy with Jesus is a pre-requisite. He is the source of our power and our lifeline.

Hindrances to answered prayer could have their deeper roots that needs to be examined.

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