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Proverbs 20:12

12  The hearing ear and the seeing eye, the Lord has made them both..

Today’s Inspiration: The hearing ear and the seeing eye, the Lord has made them both. Proverbs 20:12. He who planted the ear shall He not hear, He who formed the eye shall He not see? Psalm 94:9. As we move from the seeing to the speaking this year, it’s time to heed the instruction of the Lord as the Lord knows that man’s efforts alone are futile. V10-11. This is so evident in the bushfires of Australia which we need to join them to cry to the Lord for mercy and intervention as men’s efforts of salvation cannot match the raging fire. Only the rain of the spirit can salvage the situation. For the Lord will not cast off His people nor will He forsake His inheritance. V14. As I have been speaking for the past months, we cannot sustain this endtime without prayer especially when God is about to bring the unprecedented harvest.

This is the year where God is calling His people to fall upon their knees at corporate meeting for a visitation from the Lord to obtain a solution to today’s challenges. Prayer meeting will not be one of preaching but of extreme worship and prayer. Prayer evangelism had to be intensified and we must get ready for the harvest to come. God is calling back His Body to Divine health. Social media and Christian media will be intensified for the harvest of souls. All these will be made possible if God’s people get back to pray for not only for revival but Reformation as God Unites His body for intergenerational revival not only at church level but daily at the marketplace. Isaiah 44:1-4. Promises you have long forgotten will be restored. Our Father is mending the nets of families which will be another major cluster of unprecedented harvest of souls. We need to plunge hell and populate heavens.

Joel 3:13 will come to life. Bible movies on reality of life to propagate the Gospel will bring the multitudes to a decision. TCC had initiated a video film on restoration of marriages and family for the harvest and much more to come. We need to pray in stars to turn to film. There will be visitation of Jesus to families and it’s already happening that had brought whole family to salvation as evidenced in their testimonies. Household salvation is the promise and in our Father’s plan this year.

Therefore I urge you to go on your knees to pray along with us as there will once again be outpouring of the Holy Spirit with signs and wonders following. It’s time to return to our first love. It’s a time of consecration Joshua 3:5 time to possess the promised Land. Gossip, slander, division, exaggeration and perception will not be tolerated. Interdenominational walls must crumble.

It’s time to decree what is not into being. Romans 4:17, Job 22:28. God be praised!

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