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Hebrews 2:16

16 For indeed He does not [a]give aid to angels, but He does [b]give aid to the seed of Abraham.

Today’s Inspiration: God gives aid to the seed of Abraham but do not give aid to angels. Hebrews 2:16. Unless we choose to yield to God and His purpose, our life is like a life of wandering in the desert. Patience is a fruit of the spirit. Waiting on God is waiting for Him to remove our old feathers and replace with fresh ones and until it’s God timing for you to soar, you will fall when you go ahead of time. Life is about starting small but thinking big exploits as the ultimate. We need to surrender our whole time and life to Him.

There is nothing that is not under His subjection. Hebrews 2:8. We need spiritual eyes to see what He is doing in our life. There is a time to wait and a time to launch out. We need to commit our plans to the Lord. Until we are willing to be a follower, we cannot be a leader.

Like a farmer we need to be patient to be fruitful. We need to establish our hearts for the coming of the Lord is at hand. James 5:6-10.

God must mould the character of His people before He can use them publicly. Battles in small places need to be overcome before you can be used publicly. Big doors are opened only for those who are faithful in doing little things. Once you qualify His standard of stewardship, He will open bigger doors. Luke 16:10.

Our life is like a vapour that appears for a little time and vanished away. So make full use of the time you have to equip yourself and then launch out. Submission is primary ingredient of stewardship. Teachability and correctabality is another. A disciple must be first faithful, available when required and teachable. 2 Timothy 2:2. You must first be faithful and teachable before you can attract faithful and teachable above all available disciples. What you sow is what you reap. Galatians 6:7.

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