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Proverbs 3:5                     

 Trust in the LORD with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding;

Today’s Inspiration: How much do you trust the Lord? Proverbs 3.5 requires us to trust with the fullness of our heart and not waver neither reason or justify. Proverbs 3:5.

Has He spoken and does He not do it? God’s word and promises to you will never be barren. There is power in His word and that power will always fulfill the promises to you. Isaiah 55:11. We never need to ponder how faith is developed or how fruitfulness is realised. Faith will come to you as soon as you hear God’s word. Romans 10:17. It’s His word that convicts you and moulds you for a better life. Fruitfulness is a guaranteed by-product whether it is for salvation of a soul or to meet your needs of healing or daily provision. His word can not be barren because His own life power is in it. Isaiah 55:10-11.

There is more power in one drop of the shed blood of the Lord Jesus to cleanse men’s heart from the sins than the filth of men’s sins. There is more power in the Holy spirit to convict men of sins than there is power of satanic forces to tempt men to sin. We can never fathom His ways and His thoughts. Isaiah 55:8-9.

If you have problem you cannot solve, it’s good to wait upon the Lord and hear what He has to say to you by reflecting on your life with Him this morning.

The Lord has assured you that terror will not come to you and your family. Isaiah 54:14. So why are you battling within yourself?

Everything is created by God irrespective of whether they are instruments for your use or the evil that caused havoc. Whatever you are going through, its a test to tell you that there are things that human cannot handle because men’s efforts are futile and even the best doctor might not solve your problems. Psalm 94.11. Jesus will heal only when the testing period is complete. You cannot hasten it as He spoke to Job. Job’s dealings were a warning to the proud that no matter how intelligent or wise they are, there are situations they cannot handle. Job 40:8-9, 11-12.

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