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Psalm 95:11

11  So I swore in My wrath, ‘They shall not enter My rest.’ 

Today’s Inspiration: Genesis 1, v26-28 True Christianity is not a life of working; but of becoming like Christ and doing the works that He did with the same heart, being one with Him.

We are to seek union with Him and not only to worship Him. Many Christians failed to be in union with Him hence they failed to realise that they should work out their spiritual life. Our life needs to be a life of trusting Him fully without leaning on our own understanding that we may enter into the supernatural realm to glorify His name. We are called to live a life of obedience but unfortunately rebellion or unbelief keeps overtaking us leading us many times to a life of regret and distress. So we are unable to enter into that rest that our heavenly Father has allotted to us. Psalm 95:11.

It’s time for us to work our life to one of maturity as we are born again to grow up in all aspects of Him who is the Head, Christ our Lord, Ephesians 4:15. In His life on the earth, Jesus demonstrated authority over all the nations. To have this authority we must first have authority over every aspect of our own personal life. Fruit of character does not just happen. We need patience to cultivate it and grow. This takes planting, watering, cultivating, protecting and not the least of all time.

The true measure of Christianity is the fruit of the spirit. We cannot grow without working with the Holy Spirit given to us to guide us throughout our entire life on earth. Though God is the one who makes us fruitful,we must also do our part. God created us to be part of a crucial part of His work. So let us work out our spiritual life to bear fruit and be in union with Him, Galatians 5:22-23. God be praised! Let us be fruitful & multiply! Genesis 1:28.

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