Wow! Rev Alicia’s prophecy come to pass! I never imagine my wife and 3 children would ever serve in the Media Ministry.

During one of Rev Alicia’s mission trips to Chennai, India she and her team visited my home and prayed for my family. She laid hands upon us and prophesied that my family will be entering into media ministry. This prophecy indeed has come into fulfillment.

Today my wife and 3 children are in media ministry especially my wife who does the programme on the Christian Channel on TV which is being telecast in 14 countries. Glory to God!

I am so thankful to Rev Alicia that every prophetic word she has given to us have come to life. The prophecy was a shadow to me but now it is a reality. God is true to His word in Isaiah 55:10-11 which says “His word will not return empty, but will accomplish what He desires and achieve the purpose for which He sent it”.

Indeed Rev Alicia is a great woman of God. God used her mouth piece as His oracle.

Chennai – India