Like most Singaporeans, I am always on the hunt for places where I can enjoy authentic food in a cozy, well-designed restaurant with great service. Long queues coming out from MRT hotspots like Serangoon of people waiting to satiate their hunger are not uncommon!

In my endeavor to find a good place that provides a nice ambience for fellowship with both friends and business associates, I have found EagleWings Loft. It is a nautical-themed café and bar situated at the King Albert Park Residence Mall, and it lends itself well for any entertainment and for any weekend family brunch with its coziness and sophisticated ambience.

First Impressions:

This restaurant has such a great atmosphere, and its staff are friendly and provide splendid service. Stepping into this restaurant is also really evocative of the feeling of being on a yacht, with its unique boat-shaped bar and its spacious and luxurious setting.

Foodie Highlights:

One of my absolute favorites and a must-try at this restaurant is their Lobster Risotto ($38). It is definitely worth a try, and it comes highly recommended not just by me, but by also their chefs! With rice cooked in delicious lobster broth with bits of scallop, prawn and of course lobster, it was super appetizing and flavorful – I took my time to enjoy every bite, savoring it. I’m already looking forward to the next time I get to eat this dish – it is worth it every time!

I believe this is their specialty dish, and with it comes rave reviews and is a strong contender to be selected for EagleWing’s best dish by any food journalist. It is definitely one of my must-haves when I come to this restaurant, and no words can fully describe how uniquely and specially prepared this dish is.

These next two dishes also caught my eye with their unique presentation: The Bacon and Egg Wagyu Burger and the Jasmine Peach Panna Cotta!

First off – the Bacon and Egg Wagyu Burger ($18). This is another of EagleWings Loft’s signature dishes. This dish has Wagyu Beef Patties chargrilled to perfection, tomato relish, crunchy salad, melted cheese on top of crispy bacon and a beautifully round sunny side up served between well-buttered and well-toasted Brioche buns. It also comes with a side of curly fries – not to be missed! This is another dish that you can tell a lot of effort was put into during preparation, and it shows with its tenderness and juiciness. Chew away to your own satisfaction!

Secondly – the dessert after the meal. This is their Jasmine Peach Panna Cotta, and its presentation was what really drew me in! It is a delectable blend of White Peach glaze, a crunchy and slightly tart biscuit soil, and a mildly bitter Jasmine Tea Sorbet. It is a highly intriguing and creative mix of flavors and textures, but what ties this dish up with a bow is its bed of panna cotta. It gives the dessert a smooth and velvety finish, pulling together all these unique tastes and textures.

EagleWings Loft also offers a wide range of pastas, with some that blend local flavors with western in a perfect union. Some examples include their Truffled Blackbeard, a squid ink pasta with cream, topped with walnuts with some crunch; and the Beachside Belachan – a perfect example of that marriage of western dishes with a local flair.

Overall, EagleWings Loft comes highly recommended! With its deliciously creative food which comes painstakingly prepared, its yacht-like ambience and friendly, attentive staff – this restaurant is a must-try. For its caliber of service and food quality, the prices are fully worth it!

EagleWings Loft, 9 King Albert Park

#01-14/34 King Albert Park Residences Shopping Mall,

Tel: +65 9796 0761. (Nearest Station:  King Albert Park)

Opening Hours: 

Monday 5.00 p.m. to 1.00 a.m.

Tuesdays to Fridays 9.00 a.m. to 1.00 a.m.

Saturday & Sunday:  8.00 a.m. to 11.59 p.m.