Greetings in the name of our Almighty God!

December 18 , 2017 was the most challenging moment of my life. You would have read my previous testimony where God released me from captivity. Jeremiah 40:4. If not for Him, I would have been sentenced to as much as six years’ jail for my ignorance.

When my Senior Pastor told me not to fear and that these challenges were a refining process
of the Lord to mould me into a vessel of honour and is a sign of breakthrough, I was excited yet uncertain of the future. I am thankful to God for coming to pull me out of the pit.

Challenges in the Company

Another challenge came when I see many people resigning from the Company even those in managerial positions. The Boss seemed to be very evasive in her direction. This kept me pondering about my position in the Company. In the meantime, my wife Johanna finds difficulty in getting a job. I know that only prayer can move heavens. So I requested the pastors and leaders to pray for my plight. Notwithstanding the challenges, I commit myself to God faithfully to serve Him where He wanted me to be. I had to fulfill the covenant I had with the Lord which was made during my challenging time. I had to commit my whole life to the Lord to allow Him to do whatever He needs to do. With difficulty, I committed to obey God to pay my tithes to the Church.

I attended the Holy Spirit Retreat 2018 and was much inspired by all the messages especially the message on negotiating for a new season and I discern the new season will come after the Retreat. In one of my weekly meetings on 25 th June I was given a letter by the Company awarding me with an increment of $300.00 which will take effect from 10 th July. Indeed my Senior Pastor is right. Crisis is a sign of breakthrough that is on the way. How I handled challenges depends on my attitude towards God.

HDB Loan
In the meantime, I logged into HDB website and found that I would be getting my keys to the new flat on 21 st July which is also divine because it happens to be on Saturday and my wife and I do not need to take leave. God truly knows our heart. On the inspiration of the Holy Spirit I told them of the increment and they increased my loan by $39,600.00 which was originally approved for $105,800. Indeed God is faithful and know our needs before we put our request to Him. (Matthew 6:8)

Favour For My Wife
On 27th June, my wife Johanna, who was on one month’s contract as a Data Indexed Clerk, checked with her line leader of her team if the contract was going to be renewed since her contract was due on 28th May 2018. She was told that she will be given a letter and it is likely to have the contract renewed for one year or three years and to wait for her letter. In the meantime she could continue to work. Hallelujah! We keep rejoicing in the Lord.

Meantime, God opened another door of opportunity to test my faith. I was assigned to coordinate with the Renovation Contractor and Capital Land Mall Management for the renovation of our new premise. I had never take on such managerial assignment before.

My General Manager and my two directors happened to be away and leave the task to me. I thank God for His Wisdom. He has been watching over me and directing me how the removal and renovation should be executed. When I was in a dilemma of decision, I remember the very words my Senior Pastor taught me the words to pray. All I have to do is to utter the words to the Lord to “Remember me”. These were two very important words I caught during her discipleship with me where she shared with me how she prayed for her finances and for those of the Church and God always answers.

Last Friday, because of work, I was not able to attend the Dunamis Serangoon Lifegroup as the Renovation contractor informed me that there has been a delay in the store. I solicited the prayers of Ps Alicia, Ps Darien, Sis Susan and Sis Josephine. Praise God! Around 4 p.m. in the afternoon, the Contractor informed me that all is well. This means my job of coordination is complete. I could now attend the Dunamis Lifegroup at Serangoon in fulfilment of one of the Ten Commandments handed by God to Moses for us to observe the Sabbath.

Thank God for “Remember me!
God is faithful and as promised He did it. 1 Thessalonians 5:24. To God be the glory!

Challenges are good for the soul. He is the potter and we are the clay. He will mould us to the likeness of Christ. In all these challenges, I learn to give up my old life of rebellion and take on the new life of submission to the Holy Spirit and take on the newness of life in Christ.

As I obey God to change my attitude, my circumstances changed for the better. I pray that you will trust God fully with all your heart that all may be well for you. As He did it for me, He will do it for you.

God be praised!

Bro John Tan

PS: John is the Usher Leader of TCC.  He experienced much miraculous provision whilst serving in TCC)