“One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.” – Henry Miller

In life, we always must look beyond us and make the right choices as choices shape destinies of people and companies.  What in the natural that deemed hopeless can always be transformed to be something of value!

Never give up your dream

We should never let anyone who gave up on their goals to talk us out of pursuing ours.  It is incredibly easy to become disheartened and to stop following our path to achievement, when those around us are trying to show us the pitfalls before we have even set off.  We do not all share the same desires for our lives. How important it is to be careful what you listen to. Set your life on fire. Seek those who fan your flames. No one has the right to extinguish your dreams.  Spend time only with those who fan your flames.  

In this Orientation issue, we like to share about the life’s  journey of Dr. Julian Theng, Chairman of Eagle Eye Centre (EEC)  and EagleWings Group.  

Who fans his flames to be a doctor?

He found his calling of a doctor since his teenage days where he has to give insulin injections to his diabetic grandmother.  This experience has inspired him to be a doctor to serve the community’s needs. Having attained fame as an Ophthalmologist in National Eye Centre, he and his best friend Dr. Lim Wee Kiak took a bold step of faith to start Eagle Eye Centre (EEC) in Mount Alvernia in 2006.  

His Profile

Dr. Theng has been renowned as a Cornea specialist and has developed surgical skills towards the areas of LASIK and Refractive Surgery, Cornea Transplants as well as Cataract Surgery while maintaining his special interest in the field of Presbyopia management and treatment.  He is also reputed for his expertise in performing multifocal intra-Ocular Lens (IOL) implant surgeries, pioneering KAMRA inlay surgeries through Femtosecond Laser Assisted Pocket Technique. He was also selected to be Singapore’s representative surgeon to conduct the Phase 4 Clinical FDA Approval trial for the new Restor+300 ADD Multifocal Lens Implants.  He has since regularly performed multifocal lens implants in cataract surgery, spearheaded collagen cross linking in lasiks and PIXL (a non-invasive technique) for Presbyopia in Asia and has written a book about Presbyopia.  

A sought after speaker who has spoken at global conferences such as the World Ophthalmology congress and much more,  he travelled to the world to lecture and teach on LASIK, cataract and presbyopia treatments. He is also a member of the Editorial Board for the Journal of Cataract & Refractive Surgery Today (CRST) Europe and represents Asia as a key opinion leader in the field of Cataract and refractive surgery for Alcon, AO and Ziemer.  

His success

Besides his expertise, it was his exemplary character and his heart of leadership that portrays team spirit, that caused EEC to grow from one-doctor clinic into a thirteen -doctor strong eye centre and from one branch he expanded to  seven branches within twelve years of operation, offering integrated ophthalmic and optometric eye care under one roof that serves children as young as six years to elderly folks. Its services include refractive surgery, presbyopia treatment cataract surgery, retina services corneal transplants, glaucoma and diabetic eye treatments management of ocular inflammations, myopia screening, myopia control and oculoplastics and much more.  

He has won many awards of which I shall quote a few prominent ones – Prestige Grand award 2013 for promising brands in Singapore  by ASME-Lianhe Zaobao, Singapore Service Class Award from 2016 to 2019 consecutively by Spring Singapore and in2016 and 2018 Teochew Entrepreneur’s Award by Pit Yip Hway Kwan. 

His vision: Build to last

He and his co-founder attributed their staying power to their unique positioning of combining service quality, new technology, patient care and welfare services.  Their goal is to lead the way in the area of private ophthalmic practice of which they are pioneer in this industry. Their multiple clinic locations and service, their affordable pricing without compromising high quality eye-care, technological advancement so as to offer what is best for the community’s needs and new innovations have made EEC stay ahead of their competitors causing them to be elevated to fame.  Recently they have established another clinic at King Albert Park (KAP) Shopping Mall.  

Today he is one of Singapore’s leading Ophthalmologist with a large clientele from media in Singapore and Taiwan.  Many patients will feel comfortable with him because of his Christ-like nature of reassuring his patients, his skill and knowledge as well as wisdom, all of what truly distinguishes him to be the doctor of significance.  This, I believe plays a very prominent role. Today he is as youthful as he was when I first interviewed him 12 years ago. I believe this youthfulness comes from the Lord. When you obey His commandments and applies all the biblical principles of life, you remain not only youthful but attain success in whatever you do.  Obedience and yielding to the Lord certainly attracts blessing.  

When asked for the keys to his success, he attributed it entirely to God’s grace and love which throughout his life he has imparted the same grace to others that empowered him to start up Eagle Eye Centre to serve with love using his expertise and divine attributes in all that he does.  He always put others before himself in the many decision making processes and giving the best he can to others. His main key is applying the Biblical principle of doing to others what he want others to do to him.  This principle he carries with him in every project he embarks on. Despite his fruitful career, he remains humble, friendly and patient even to those with humble backgrounds.  He believes strongly in spiritual and natural balanced life as well as work/family lifestyle.  

Expansion to Lifestyle Industries – EagleWings Loft

A strong believer of giving priority to family oneness, he has now diversified to lifestyle industries like yachting, cafes, retail shops, cinema under Eagle Wings Group with his sister Lisa Theng using the same biblical principle.  They started off with EagleWings Yacht Charter to share their passion with others. This led him to apply the same principle in setting up the EagleWings Loft Restaurant for the King Albert Park/Bukit Timah Community and then the EagleWings Cinematics, all with the desire to share the love and joy of the Lord through these businesses.  These industries were their way of giving back to society purely out of love and compassion for the community. This too, they felt it was God’s leading and calling.  

He makes all things new

He is always making things new being an innovative and creative person.  He spends quality time with his children playing tennis and singing in Church musicals.  He is also an animal lover and owns two home aviaries with over 50 birds such as paracletes, backpies and cuckatoos.  

In this light, he has decided to reinvent and light up King Albert Park (KAP) residence with a community spirit.  KAP seems to have probabilities for failure after MacDonald closed their door to them four years ago. But Dr. Theng viewed it as opportunities to reinvent KAP to a lively and vibrant hub that could enrich the lives, wellness and growth of the KAP community while allowing people to have fun at the same time.  

Being family-oriented, they believe in community gathering together to live, work, play, celebrate life and love.  It is in this light that Dr. Theng planned the revamping of KAP. Below the residences are three levels of retail spaces with EagleWings Group as its largest tenant.  Apart from dining, entertainment and lifestyle option which include cafes, fashion, restaurants and healthcare services, what is most outstanding is that they felt that KAP will not be complete without a boutique cinema to take the movie experience of this community to a new level with luxurious lounges, plush seats, gourmet snacks, butler service and a bistro EagleWings loft.  EagleWings Loft since 2016 was originally intended as customised yacht charters to provide unique corporate and family memories, has now expanded its business to innovate and imbue creative yet distinctive concept for its customers.  

His success in making KAP new

His zeal, his passion, his commitment and labour of love for the community and always desiring to be a channel of blessing to the community as well as sacrificial love has brought forth the success of the reinvention and growth of KAP which came into reality on 1st December with welcoming commendations and rejoicing.  His balanced time with family and work has hastened the transformation of KAP.  It was worth the efforts of late nights of planning, research and coordinating with the various specialists to bring forth the birth of the reinvention especially the establishment of Cinematics.  

Dr. Theng’s excellent character, passion and love for the community without personal agenda or self-interests pay off.  The dream of a boutique cinema came into fruition finally which is unique and exquisite compared to the other cineplexes.  

Truly I see Dr. Theng as having the attributes of a caring doctor and an innovative entrepreneur who explores opportunities.  

Attributes of an entrepreneur

An entrepreneur is one who creates, builds and is at the heart of change in society.  They are ordinary people with special matching talents and temperaments.  They will spot opportunity and know what to do about it. They are the ones who can deliver on what they say they will do and the opportunities to go forth the extra mile to demonstrate the creativity and ideas that cannot be stopped in the first place.  They are the ones who continuously make global partnerships in fulfilling the aspirations of individuals and organisations, creating new possibilities for the young generation, whom they know well will be leaders of tomorrow in our nation.  

It is mind blogging to see a surgeon as busy as him with his tight surgical schedule, reinventing  KAP into one of community spirit within such a short time frame. Adding the activities in the Mall to entice families to gather during their off work times and weekends is something beyond one’s comprehension.  Only a person led by the spirit could fulfil such tall order. I can only sum up one sentence in my conclusion.  


It is his dream, passion, perseverance and faith that enables him to fulfil his aspirations.  You sometimes wonder what Dr. Theng will embark next as he is one person who is consistently making all things new – a Biblical principle (Rev 21:5).  We wish him every success in his new endeavour to realise his dream in making KAP a lively place once again even better off than the days of MacDonald’s. +

The Plan for a boutique cinema

Dr. Theng felt that a boutique cinema with different colour themes to create unique experiences for movie goers is necessary to make a difference from other cineplexes.  So he designed the cinema to have two halls with 60 and 63 premium seats each (couple seats included) and two more halls with 12 and 18 standard seats each. Movie goers can expect screenings of major releases shown in other mainstream cineplexes.  There is also a premium lounge area that will feature massage chairs, vending machines for soft drinks in more than 50 flavours and food from EagleWings Loft. It also has a lower level with a stage and a second level overlooking the first. During special events, all screens can be enabled to stream live speeches from the hosts too.  How comprehensive has he creatively planned leaving no stone unturned!  

Unlike other cineplexes, the cinema is to be planned to be more communal than commercial with affordable pricing ranging from $9.50 onwards on weekdays and $12.50 onwards on weekends.  Senior Citizens and students enjoy concessionary rates on weekdays at $5.50 and $6.50 respectively. What makes this cinema different is that movie goers can opt for cosy theatre halls that exude an extended family gathering vibe.    Patrons will be able to order and be served – cinema food at any point during their show. This brings back memories of our grandparent’s days. EagleWings cinematics also boasts a beautifully designed premium lounge that can be booked as an event space.  

Now movie going residents of Bukit Timah can  enjoy the latest films at EagleWings Cinematics.  Finally, on 1st December the above vision exploded in reality.  All these were planned not only to accommodate KAP residents’ requirements but also earmarked to benefit as a recreational amenity for the neighbouring schools, Ngee Ann Polytechnic and Singapore Institute of Technology.  For more details of the soft launch please see our advertorial on soft launch of Eaglewings Cinematics.  

EagleWings Loft

EagleWings Loft on the other hand offers diners the finest cuisine from the places where EagleWings Yacht Charters have travelled to.  Every dish is carefully and meticulously chosen and crafted by the owner’s family and chefs, its signature dish being Lobster Risotto, a fusion of the finest catch from the sea imbued with wholesome grains which is tasty yet healthy.  Guests here can also request for wine pairing and recommendation from the restaurant’s sommeliers. This café has brought garnered positive reviews from media, outlets and food critics.  

I will highlight their signature dish of Lobster Risotto in the separate Food Review under our Lifestyle Page.  

In addition, there are two private function rooms equipped with karaoke and projector facilities that are available for booking for special occasions such as birthday parties and corporate meetings.   Operating hours is from 10.30 a.m. to midnight on weekdays and 8.30 a.m. to midnight on weekends and public holidays. Eagle Wings Loft is located at KAP Residences Mall, 9 King Albert Park 01-14/33/34/56/57.

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