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Today’s Inspiration: A heart at peace gives life to the body but envy rots the bones. Proverbs 14:30.The heart of the matter is always the matter of the heart. God desire us to be peace makers as children of God. Matthew 5:9 .The peace of God comes from the Holy Spirit, who brings healing in our bodies.

Apostle Paul was stricken at times with afflictions but he spoke on putting the full amour of God daily and prayer in the Spirit at all times. Ephesians 6:18 God’s Word has the power to remove all fears, anxieties, and stress within us. Emotions are the spiritual battles and we have the spiritual weapons to pull down all strongholds. Praise God!

Prayer: O Lord My God, thank you for reminding me to put on the full amour of God and to pray in the Spirit at all times, that your peace that surpasses my knowledge and understanding shall govern my mind and heart with healing, in Jesus’ Name, Amen.

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