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Today’s Inspiration; Christ is the end of the Law so that there maybe righteousness for everyone who believes. Romans 10:4. Righteousness is not attainable by faith. Faith is a gift of God that sets aside understanding and replaced with trusting, believing, and confessing the promises of the spirit. The woman with the issue of blood set aside her affliction of 12 years and simply believe, trusting Jesus with her whole heart by confessing that if only she can at least touch the cloak of Jesus she will be healed. Her strong confession of what she believes manifests the healing.

Hence faith is about believing and confession of our belief to receive the healing. V10. God be praised.

Prayer: Abba Father. I come to you this morning believing and confessing the promises of the spirit that by my faith I be healed even if my faith is as small as a mustard seed. Thank You Father for Your grace. Amen.

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