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Today’s Inspiration: God will be gracious to you according to His loving kindness and according to the greatness of His compassion blot out your transgression if you ask of Him earnestly. Psalm 51:1. Unresolved issues have to be settled in this part of the heaven so that we be clean to enter heaven as a Bride of Christ.

Let our mind and heart be connected so that we will not be easily tormented, harassed and deceived by the enemy. Let us commit our soul to the Lord, Shepherd of our souls and live a total consecrated life with a mind fully renewed to live a Christlike life. A victorious life is one who has been sanctified, totally consecrated for service to the Lord.

Prayer: May we rejoice even in brokenness for it’s only joy that can sustain us and made us clean. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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