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Today’s Inspiration: The Lord is our Judge. The Lord is our Law giver. He is our King. He will save us. Isa 33:22. There should not be any sick among us for the people in the kingdom already have their sins forgiven. V24.

What a promise of God. We can only be reckon justified only by our faith and by the shed blood of Jesus Christ that redeems us from the hands of the devil. He brings everything to Justice. Let praises be continually uttered from our mouth with rejoicing for the Lord has done great things and granted us the Abundant life we need. We just have to be alert to ensure that the enemy will not take advantage of our weaknesses. God be praised.

Prayer: I have nothing to fear for the Lord is on my side as everything I have belonged to Him and He will protect me from the wickedness of man and beast. In Jesus’ name, Amen..

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