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God always requires reverence. He rewards us according to our work of service to Him. To be able to find satisfaction in all our work is the gift from God. Ecclesiastes 3:13.

To know His everlasting unconditional love that surpasses all knowledge is to be filled with the measure of the fullness of God. Ephesians 3:18. Notwithstanding our status, it is God’s grace for us to be used as an instrument of righteousness to be completely humble, gentle, and be patient, bearing with one another in love. It is this continuous strengthening of the inner man that keeps us going to overcome every storm in our life, which we inevitably have to face as a result of the fall of humanity. May God’s peace dwell in your hearts today to give you the clarity to make the next move towards victory. God be praised.

Prayer: O Lord God, I plead with you to establish me in Your Love that I may have the power to do immeasurably beyond my comprehension according to Your power that is vested in me. To Him be glory in Christ Jesus throughout all generations. Amen.

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