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Today’s Inspiration: To whom you present yourself slaves to obey, you are that one’s slaves whom you obey, whether of sin leading to death or obedience leading to righteousness. Romans 6:16. Leah initially was slave to pleasing others rather than God and became slave to that pursuit. The minute she decided to praise God and to please Him, she was placed in a favorable position.

Hence whatever we focus on, we are slave to that focus. If you are fighting sickness and you intend to get out, your focus must be on God who can heal you not on dwelling in the sickness. In short do not be enslaved by your illness but be set free by the Lord to receive your healing. It was for freedom that Christ has set you free. God be praised.

Prayer: Lord help me to overcome the weakness of the flesh by strengthening me to focus on You. It’s not by might not by power but by the spirit of the Lord that I be free from all afflictions. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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