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Today’s Inspiration: Abide in Him so that He will abide in you and you will bear more fruit. John 15:4. If you learn how to live a Christian life apart from living in union with Him, then your study of the word will not profit you. If you approach His word like babes with a surrendered heart seeking to know Him, then God will Reveal His word which in turn will reveal Him and bring us into personal fellowship with Him then you will bear much fruit. It’s this fellowship with God rather than knowledge about God that will be the source of all joy and fruitfulness in our lives.

Do not allow knowledge to be a substitute for heart experience in your life. Have a lovely fellowship with Him. Christianity is therefore the restoration of man to intimate union with our God. Pursue Jesus not the religion of man. Experience Him genuinely in our lives. God be praised.

Prayer: Lord help me to embark upon a healthy experience of life with You. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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