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Today’s Inspiration: Jesus says that He is in the Father and His Father is in Him. It is the Father in Him who is doing His work. John 14:11. Likewise now that the Spirit of Jesus is living in us, He is doing our work. Hence, we speak and act according to what He says in His word. Only then can we be an effective witness for Him. To do so, we need to let go of our past painful memories and allow God to turn the painful memories into a great testimony for the glory of God.

Do not allow the devil to use your painful experiences as a stronghold to bind you but to allow the Holy Spirit to set you free from such bondage towards a greater move of God in your life. God be praised.

Prayer: We pray that we will cherish God’s purpose to use our painful memories to inscribe eternal lessons into our hearts and prepare us as the basis for ministry to others. In Jesus name Amen.

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