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Today’s Inspiration: Isaiah 43:18 advised us to focus on the Now and not on the bitter experiences of our past that have a tendency to paralyse us to move towards the future. Apostle Paul, after conviction by the encounter with Jesus at Damascus would have experienced much guilt for his persecution of Jesus’ disciples. Had he focussed on his guilt and blamed himself for the folly, he would not have written two thirds of the New Testament and be used powerfully by God. He focussed not on the past but press on towards the noble goal of eternity. Philippians 3:13.

You can be bitter or better in times of trial. It depends on your attitude towards the current stress you are battling with. If you place hope with faith as the motivator, you will see God’s purpose behind the trial and be inspired. God be praised!

Prayer: Lord, in You I have life and ever so abundantly. Grant me the grace to be an overcomer. Amen.

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