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Today’s Inspiration: Jesus always watched over us with His watchful eyes. When he sent His disciples ahead of Him, He did not just go to the mountain to pray but was watching over His disciples and saw them striving with the storm and intended to pass them by to test their alertness. He came walking to them on the sea and their reaction was they have seen a ghost. Mk 6:45-50. People tend to fear the evil force more than God. It’s time God’s people have inward union and fellowship with Jesus so that their actions reflect the life of the Holy Spirit within them.

Our Christian life must grow inevitably and spontaneously out of personal fellowship with each other and in fellowship with Him. Partaking of the Holy communion regularly facilitate inward union and fellowship with Him. When we are in union with Him, we partake of His Holiness, His love, His faith and power and all His attributes- His life.

Prayer: Lord we desire Your awesome presence in our lives so that we can be delivered from destruction both eternally and temporally and enforce victory of the cross in our lives. Unless we have Your presence, we cannot discern the times In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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