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We must not allow events in our life to brand us or we will keep seeing ourselves confronting issues over and over again. These events are the foundation in preparation for our calling. Instead of mourning over our loss, we need to remember that our present plight is not a death sentence but a time to experience God’s love and mercy in greater measure as He awakens our spirit to see the wonders, He is doing for us. God desires us to draw near to listen to eat what is good and our soul will delight in the richest fare. Isaiah 55:2. Why spend money on things that have no eternal value?

Do not be perturbed by what is happening to you. God will provide a way out and heal you, guide you, and restore you. Isaiah 57:18. It was for our peace that Jesus sacrificed His life for us. It’s this peace that healed our afflictions.

Experience His healing and restoration today as you reflect on these verses. God be praised.

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