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Today’s Inspiration: God has inscribed you on the palm of your hands… Isaiah 49:16. Joseph’s brothers tried to harm Joseph so that his dream cannot be fulfilled. What God has designed for you, no one can take it from you. In God’s timing, Joseph was promoted to a position second to Pharaoh ruling over his house and his people according to his word. Genesis 41:39-43.

Even the ungodly could discern the spirit of God was on Joseph and the wisdom given to him. Hence everyone who approached Pharaoh, he told them to go to Joseph and to do what he says. What an honor! V55. After severe testing is a great promotion. That’s God’s principle. Patience rewards in the end. God be praised.

Prayer: Lord indeed Love is patient. No attribute can be as rewarding as patience. Lord give me the strength to pursue Your righteousness that I will wait for Your timing to intervene. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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