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Today’s Inspiration: Isaiah 6:9 God commanded Isaiah to rebuke the people for not hearing what they hear and not perceiving what they see when Isaiah availed himself to be commissioned as the ambassador of Christ. Let there be no internal strife for it destroys our joy and peace. Spiritual stability depends very much on love, harmony and peace with all men.

Many things can trigger strife such as pride in self, lack of Christian love, inability to understand one another, losing sight of heaven and disregarding the real purpose and goal of our life. Let us examine ourselves to see if there is internal strife in us. If so, we should exterminate them from our soul.

Prayer: Lord let the fear of You be in our hearts. Reveal to us the roots of our inner strife of sinful attitudes and actions that shuts down Your blessings which affects our Communion with the family of Christ. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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