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Today’s Inspiration: 2021 is a year of advancement yet it is also a year of intense intercession. God from the beginning of time teaches our hands to war so that our arms can bend a bow of bronze. 2 Samuel 22:25. Indeed His ways are perfect. With the merciful He shows Himself merciful.

Life is such that without the mercies of the Lord we cannot survive the storms of life. Despite the pain, unless you persevere with much determination, clinging to God’s promises of healing, you will not have what you desire. It’s not stress that can make you sick but your attitude towards stress claiming it cannot harm you that you can overcome any difficulty that hinders your path. God be praised.

Prayer: Lord You enlarged my path so my feet did not slip. Your word is truth that quickens my spirit to trust You with all my might to deliver me from the enemies. In Jesus’ name, Amen..

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