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Today’s Inspiration: Stress has always been a silent killer of our soul without our knowledge. Like Jesus we should balance our work and ministry with resting in the Lord. Matthew 11:28. By so doing, we commit our burdens to Him and He took on our load with a timely counsel to enlighten us.

We need to find a balance. To bear burdens of others is required in Christianity because of Galatians 6:2 but we must not forget to balance with Galatians 6:5 where we don’t allow people to become a leech to us because of their lack of faith and their failure to build their life with God as each had to bear his own load. Leeches tend to suck the energy and life out of us causing us unnecessary stress leading to a host of health problems. Creating the right balance empowers us to grow and flourish. God be praised.

Prayer: Lord Jesus I come to you this morning with all the burdens in my heart. I know only You alone have the answer to all my needs. Therefore, I seek Your wise counsel this morning to seek you for the way to go as walking in Your ways is better than walking in my ways. Amen.

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