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Today’s Inspiration: God selects people according to the attitude and intents of the heart. 1 Samuel 16.7. When we are hit with a critical illness, our whole being is affected, because man tends to judge us from what they see externally. This is what happens to Job.

God seems unfair to Job. Looking at Job 40 we have no right to justify as God is sovereign and knows what is inside of us and how we relate to others. He was actually revealing to him the underlying problem of pride he cannot see himself and by justifying we are putting God on equal standard with us. It is only through severe trials that we can discover who He is in a deeper way and knows His power of Resurrection. So, seek Him for a solution. Jeremiah 33:3. God knows us better than we do. God be praised.

Prayer: Lord, show me the pathway of life as Your ways and Your thoughts are higher than my ways and my thoughts. In Jesus name Amen.

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