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Today’s Inspiration: Ask of the Lord whatever you desire, and He will give to you and your joy will be complete. John 17:24. It’s this joy that grants you the strength and boldness to press on even against life’s fiercest storm. We must always be prepared for every persecution that may come our way as the time is coming and has now begun the beginning of birth pangs in preparation of His return.

Take heart you will overcome every trouble that comes your way. Therefore, have peace. Jesus has taken our sorrow that we might have peace with God. It’s this peace and your faith that you can emerge victorious in every battle. God be praised for He will be with you to the end of age.

Prayer: Heavenly Father, with you, we will overcome every battle in life for You are with us always. Lord protect us by the power of Your name which is above all names. In Jesus’ name. Amen..

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