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Today’s Inspiration: Satan’s strategy is to ensnare us through the words of our mouth. Proverbs 6:2. We tend to be hasty in our speech instead of inclining our ears to listen before we speak. One who is hasty in speech is one who reacted out of fear of how people may judge them. We must use our speech to deliver others from being ensnared rather than to use it to destroy the soul of another.

So use our tongue that speaks God’s words to bring healing and life to the spirit of another. Do not allow Satan to succeed with His plans of distorting your good intentions. Whatever you speak determines who you are and your spiritual condition. So keep in your heart with all diligence God’s word to edify others for out of it spring issues of life. Ponder at where you are going with your words and your ways will be established. Commit your speech to the Lord before it leaves your lips that health will follow you all the days of your life. God be praised!

Prayer:Lord You look from heaven to see who is yours and who can understand to seek God. I know You will not forsake my petition which is presented with Thanksgiving. Amen.

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