Life challenges affects everyone one of us. As we go through life’s journey we will inevitably face trials and difficult situations. Perhaps you or someone close to you are caught in a cycle of problems or crisis that cannot seem to be resolved. It can be marital/family issues, life transitions, depression, stress/ anxiety and more. Come and have your problems diagnosed by the Holy Spirit through our trained and experienced counselors/therapists and receive your miraculous breakthroughs. Many succeeded in overcoming their defeat to experience great victories and transformations. To God be the glory!

Counselling Testimonies

“I like to talk to auntie Carrine because I can tell her my secrets. She helps me understand myself better. I look forward to see her every session.”

~ EL, 8 years old


“I like the sessions with auntie Carrine very much. The way that auntie Carrine talks makes me feel that I can talk to her on anything that I want. We always work things out together. In our sessions, she did lot of things that really help like creating my own “cool down” box, which consists of ways to cool myself down when I am angry. We discussed about the consequences of getting to the extreme. I learn that whenever I am angry, there are things that I can do to manage my anger. In the past, I got angry easily and that has affected my relationship with people. After some sessions with auntie Carrine, I’ve changed and I could control my anger better. A few weeks later, I got used to my good habits and was not easily angry again. I learn to reflect and make possible changes to my behavior. Overall, the counseling from auntie carrine has benefitted me a lot so if you feel you need someone to talk to, please do not hesitate to get a counselor to tell your problems.”

~ ES, 10 years old


“Auntie Carrine speaks to me kindly and she helps me understand my parents. She helps me to analyze my circumstances so I don’t feel stress and depress. I have learned to exercise self-control. I enjoy every sessions with auntie Carrine and also hope that my friends will take her counseling too.”

~ EG, 10 years old


Ps Carrine has impacted me much, is always comfortable for me to talk to her knowing that she is there for me to guide me when I am in need.  She helped me find directions and goals in life and studies. She also helped me to overcome things that I find hard to do. Counseling with Ps Carrine has always been helpful and has benefitted me a lot, being super patient knowing that it can be hard for me to open up. I am grateful for Ps Carrine for making time to be there for me despite her busy schedule.

~ CC, 14 years old


“Ps Carrine is a very helpful and patient lady. She is always there when I need someone to talk to especially when I am down. I had found my life directions when I’m struggling to pull myself out of depression. Sometimes it may hurt me a lot while going through the pain but she always reminds me that she will be there to lend a listening ear and support me. I am super thankful and blessed to have met Ps Carrine as my counselor.”

~ MK, 15 years old


“Carrine has attained a high level of professionalism and she personally surprises me with her down-to-earth attitude. During each counseling session, Carrine looks carefully at my strengths and weaknesses, helps me to analyze my situations and motivates me to make changes that help to resolve my issues. She does her best in making a difference in my life. Thank you Carrine.”

~ CN, 20 years old


“Every time I meet up with Ps Carrine, I will never leave the sessions feeling down. She always has words of encouragement that will meet my point of needs. Thank God for letting me meet such a nice and caring person like her! Even till now, I still talk to her from time to time and she will also check on me. I appreciate it very much.”

~ YN, 22 years old


“The journey with Carrine has been a wonderful one. Carrine is observant and analytical. She listens with empathy and understands my needs very well. Her passion for people has placed her on a good stead as a counselor. I learn a lot from her.”

~ GD, 24 years old


“Carrine is a highly competent and effective counselor who listens patiently with her heart. She puts me completely at ease and I am able to share openly with her. She is clear minded and objective in her counseling yet I know she cares for me. She helps me see the issue on hand more positively. Her relentless encouragement and affirmation goes a long way.”

~ EH, 47 years old