It was late 1999 when I was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer at age 37. I was rather surprised that it was not detected earlier during my regular health checks and scans. Nevertheless I had the operation, followed by a six months chemotherapy and a five year medication plan. Back then I was a rather wishy washy Christian although I was a fifth generation Christian. Having cancer did not deter me much then and I had even assumed double portfolio in my corporate career whilst undergoing chemotheraphy.

However a year later as I was letting go of some pigeons, I heard an inner still voice telling me ‘Why am I running away when Jesus is my healer?’ I was dumbfounded and then realised that it is true. I started going back to church and it was during this time that I met my spiritual mentor who is now my Senior pastor Rev Alicia Teo. I thank God that He sent Rev Alicia to bring me back to a loving relationship with Jesus Christ, my personal Lord and Savior. I was born again and started serving in church.

God subsequently revealed to me the root of my cancer which was unforgiveness towards my father as I was then harboring the bitterness of my mother towards my father. In His mercy and grace, He miraculously reconciled us as I released forgiveness to my father for what he had done to my late mother and me. Gradually my father and I became good friends. I believe my healing came about as I became steadfast in the Lord and when I forgave my father.

In 2003 I opened an organic retail outlet for a while and subsequently founded a community magazine on cancer named ‘Cancerfix’ (now defunct). Today, the Lord has placed upon my heart to minister to people who are undergoing Cancer and to help them find closure, joy and peace before they meet their Creator. Hence the birth of PERAZIM Cancer Recovery Ministry, a place of solace for cancer patients and care givers.

I want to give God all the Glory and Praise for preserving my life (almost 19 years now) for HIS plan and purpose (Jer 29:11) and that I can be a willing vessel to the Kingdom of God.

Sister Elizabeth Chin