When I was first born again, I thought my problems could be resolved. It took me a faith journey through prayer that helps me get out of my darkest hour. Throughout the years of ministry of prayer, I have realized that the most effective solution to our life’s problems is through faith and praying according to God’s word. God will never back out on His promises for us. It is in this context that I have collected all my prayer and insights into answered prayer through a Book I called Prophetic Profitable Prayer (PPP) which I have published since 2014.

Until you make yourself available to God to be used in prayer, you cannot be available to men. Jesus chose to enter Peter’s boat to preach because Peter made his boat available to God and finally made himself as an instrument of revival as well. It is therefore imperative that we stay close to God and allow Him to do His work in our lives. The potter determines how the clay is to be moulded.(Jeremiah 18)

I pray that you will receive your answers to your prayers for yourself, your family and friends, for your business and financial breakthrough including divine protection by using this Book “PROPHETIC PROFITABLE PRAYER” as your handbook for effective living. Make prayer your lifestyle today.

My prayer is for all of you to be able to lead a strong family of prayer, to accomplish great exploits for Jesus Christ, the KING OF KINGS AND THE LORD OF LORDS. (Revelation 19:16) and to establish a strong relationship with your Redeemer our Lord Jesus Christ. The healing prayer in this Book has also proven to be effective; so is the cancellation of debts and court case prayers which have triggered many outstanding testimonies. Please refer to our testimony column in this Website www.elishaharvest.com.

You can purchase a copy by visiting our e-store. Click https://elishaharvest.com/product/prophetic-profitable-prayer/.

Reverend Alicia Teo.