Our Goal: Oneness in the Family

  1. COUNSELLING – Children, rebellious youth and challenging marriages, sickness particularly Cancer, Stroke, Blood Diseases, heart, gastro-intestinal diseases etc.
  2. MENTORING – towards God’s agenda for spiritual maturity, financial challenges, affliction of sickness and diseases.
  3. DIVINE HEALTH TALKS – Biblical and Medical Perspective in addition to health talks by Medical Doctors.
  4. HOLY SPIRIT RETREAT – We partner Trinity Community Centre for this Retreat for Divine encounters
  5. PRAYER for the sick, hospital and home visitation
  6. Enrichment Programs for children – we partner Omega Kids at Trinity Community Centre in Speech and drama, arts and crafts including exposure to the Homes for the aged. Their goal:  Character Development, Fruit of the Spirit, Education Excellence.
  7. MUSIC TRAINING FOR YOUNG GENERATION – Piano, keyboard, drum and guitar.
  10. SPIRITUAL AND EMOTIONAL HEALING (Inward Healing) for relationship, financial and spiritual breakthrough.
  11. Partner local and overseas churches in pastoral conferences and equipping for the Body of Christ.
  12. VISIT OUR ONLINE STORE: Quality Books, Devotional Books, Prayer Books, creative gifts, etc.