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Speaker: Pastor Andrew Mutana

Andrew Mutana was born in 1977. He did not know his father until he was over 20 years. His mother, a single mother, was poor. “We were so poor that even the poor called us poor,” Andrew says. That mix of circumstances significantly affected his childhood. So much, so that at a tender age, he contemplated suicide.
But by the grace of God, he had a divine encounter and committed his life to God. God transformed him and gave him a reason to live. This reason was to be a preacher of the gospel to the nations.

This calling has taken Andrew to several nations in Asia, America and Africa. In Asia, he has ministered at churches, half way houses, underground churches and at outdoor evangelistic crusades in the nations of India, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Singapore, Hong Kong and South Korea.

In the US, Andrew has worked with mostly home churches in more than 50 locations scattered all over Northern California.

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